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    How the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted My Life

    COVID-19 has altered life significantly. Social distancing is now the norm, which has prompted the restriction of activities, including sports, work, and recreation, and trade. Many countries effected lockdowns, which impeded different sectors, especially tourism, teaching, and trade, among others. Countries have had to close learning institutions indefinitely, leading to the loss of teaching jobs and learning time. I have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in various ways. for example, I can no longer use physical learning platforms and I have faced loneliness and bouts of depression due to prolonged periods of being alone. However, there exists various measures, including shifting to online platforms, that I can take to…

  • Essays

    The Importance of Participating in Elections

    Have you ever thought about the importance of participating in elections? I am certain that the majority of you do not participate in elections being disinterested in politics. Throughout this particular speech, I will try to convince you to change your mind regarding the importance of voting. When you hear the notion ‘voting’, I am certain that the first thing that comes to your mind is nothing but electing the right candidate, and it is partially true. In accordance with Muddassir Ahmad Gado, a Nigerian professor at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, “voting is the expression of one’s preference or choice for a candidate or for a proposed resolution of an issue…

  • Essays

    Question-Answer Essay

    Week 1 (Topic 1): What is development? How to measure it? Is income a good indicator of development? Why or why not? The income is not a good indicator of development. Income is measured in terms of money which is a medium of exchange and a method of calculating value. The income does not tell us where or how the producer spent it. In addition, it does not consider inflation and exchange rate at the domestic market. Describe GNP vs. GDP, real vs. nominal GDP, and GDP per capita, as well as PPP adjusted income. GNP is the total value of the final output produced by the residents within a…

  • Essays

    Early Job Strategy Essay

    The primary goal of any class unit is to equip learners with essential knowledge and insights regarding specific aspects of life. The unit Digital Enterprise and Innovation, the workshop and seminars I will attend will enable me to effectively handle my position as an e-gate officer at in the Information technology section in the Intern ministry. The unit and the experience will provide vital information concerning technological developments in the contemporary period. The content in this unit, seminars and workshop will be instrumental in the effectiveness of my practice in the IT section in the intern ministry. Detailed in this paper is a comprehensive analysis of how seminar, workshops and…

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    Heat and Mass Transfer Essay

    The calculation of the heat transfer occurs through the following formula: Q = -kAdT/dx = – kA*(T2 – T1)/dx = – kA*(T2 – T1)/L In the above formula, k is the heat transfer constant of the material, T1 and T2 represent the initial and final temperatures respectively while A is the surface area of the material and L represents the length. For the transfer of heat between A, the solution appears as follows:

  • Essays

    A Critical Look at Human Rights Essay

    A right is defined as a social, legal and ethical entitlement principle that explores what is or is not allowed to be done by people to themselves, others or society. Human rights are the fundamental rights that are available equally to people, irrespective of their gender, religion, language, sex, nationality or age, among other factors. Human rights are a contemporary conception that has replaced the natural laws of the past. The idea of human rights started to take shape in the mid-20th century. Various scholars have put forward different criticisms that explore the nature of human rights. While some scholars agree that human rights exist, some argue that they do…

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    Importance of Corn Essay

    Corn is regarded as one of the earliest human innovations. It was over first domesticated over ten thousand years ago when man first learned to cross-pollinate plants. However, with the changes in technology, man’s desire for corn keeps increasing, which resulted in constant breeding of corn to satisfy global demand. Some farmers have retained the traditional methods of breeding corn to fulfill their requirements. Michael Pollan, in his book The Botany of Desire, discusses the relationship between humans and the world of plants. Specifically, he focuses on the explorations of corn by humans.

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    Why I Killed My Best Friend Essay

    Abuse refers to an action or behavior that intends to control or intimidate other persons. Acts of abuse are diverse as individuals can be controlled physically and emotionally. Even though many incidents of abuse are intentional, others are unintentional. For instance, parents can abuse their children by making crucial decisions without involving them.This is seen in Amanda Michalopoulou’s novel “Why I Killed My Best Friend” where Maria’s parents force her to relocate to Athens from Nigeria against her wishes. The novel also includes other incidents of abuse that occur due to the Greece government’s socialism policy such as Maria’s marriage to a homosexual husband and the waiter’s act of shooing…

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    Monetary Policy Compare and Contrast Essay

    Monetary policy is one of the determinants of economic performance. This is because monetary policy influences the level of money supply in the economy, which, in turn, determines the level of economic activities. Central banks are important institutions that are tasked to regulate money supply in the economy. Monetary policies tend to change over time and may differ by country and the state of the economy. Therefore, this paper compares India’s and Canada’s monetary policies with the aim of identifying similarities and differences in the use of monetary policy instruments. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Bank of Canada (BC) regulate monetary policies in India and Canada, respectively.

  • Research Papers

    Use of Misoprostol Research Paper

    Abstract The paper entailed a systematic review of literature through which the use of Misoprostol was applied in the reduction of maternal mortality in developing countries. Misoprostol, as a drug, has been observed as a way of mitigating health complications mostly among women by the following applications; treatment of ulcers, initiation of labor, causation of abortion and prevention of postpartum bleeding. The introduction of the paper included an evaluation of the concepts as well as the definition of terms. The background section entailed of an explanation of the past and present conditions in terms of the use of Misoprostol in preventing maternal mortality. The method of systematic review and the…