The White Man’s Burden Essay

Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The White Man’s Burden” reflects the attitudes of his time towards the colonization of other nations. A century ago, colonization was justified and even seen as a noble cause. Moreover, it was believed that Americans and Europeans “must” suffer a heavy “burden” in order “To seek another’s profit, / And work another’s gain.” In other words, conquering other countries, robbing and killing their population was masked as an obligation of more developed nations to educate and enlighten the less developed ones until they fully adopt the Western lifestyle, including Western culture and religion. Continue reading

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Environmental Awareness Essay

Environmental awareness usually refers to spreading the idea of environmentalism, an ideological movement for the preservation and improvement of living conditions on Earth (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Public awareness concerning environmental protection is achieved through education and public awareness campaigns organized by non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, press and federal authorities (United Nations Environment Programme). Each of them is supposed to reach different target audiences on a specific level and clarify the consequences of non-compliance regarding economic, social and environmental expressions. Following the guidelines of United Nations Environment Programme, one can learn what actions should be taken to make the community environmentally educated. But what is the role of global interactions in environmental education for the international community?
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Media Research Paper

Our perception of the world and the opinions about different events are formed on the non-stop basis. It is through media channels we receive the majority of all information that is used in the opinion formation process. We listen to the radio when at home or in a car, we watch television, we enjoy photographic masterpieces and read newspapers. Magazines and journals are telling us the “news” without which we could have lived happily ever after, but we again fall under the temptation to be anguish with the financial world crisis, even though your boss gave you additional bonuses, and to listen to what media monsters are offering us for dinner. We are getting information from the secondary source, and it is unknown whether that secondary source is telling the truth to us.

In this research paper, I will investigate different media channels, as well as present my research results and opinions about whether media is the real creator, or it is just the means of people to know it and has their judgments.

Media and Truth
To be accurate with notions, first of all, I would like to discuss what truth is and what does this idea entails. There are many theories of fact, but I am inclined to the following definition, which is closer to the correspondence truth theory, the traditional approach supported by such Greek philosophers as Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato. Truth is something that corresponds to the factual state of affairs or events. Under this definition, the state of thoughts and state of objects are tightly interconnected. So the truth is determined to the extent how accurately particular events represented. The fact can also be called the objective reality, the reality that is free from subjective judgments and assertions. But here is another tricky thing, as actual truth should be revealed by carefully using words, thoughts, and symbols, and in general, the ideal representation of the events can be only achieved through the profound analysis of additional factors.

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Nicholas Sparks Essay

Nicholas Sparks’s own life story is definitely a story about love and great success. It is a story that can teach us not to give up a dream and follow it no matter what. Sparks’s first works have not been published, the manuscripts were rejected by the publishers.

Nevertheless, he did not give up. Sparks’s persistence led to the great success and turned him into one of the most popular contemporary writers.

Nicholas Sparks was born on the New Year’s Eve, few minutes before 1966 in Nebraska. When Nicholas was born, his father was working as bartender and trying to get into a master’s program in university, where he was later accepted. The whole family with Nicholas, his older brother and younger sister has moved to Los Angeles in 1969 where Nicholas’s father Patrick did Ph.D. in the University of Southern California. At the age of seven, Nicholas spent a year in Nebraska with his mom, sister and brother while his father was writing his thesis. After that the whole family moved to Fair Oaks, California. Continue reading

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History 101 Essay Sample

Essay Questions:
“It is remarkable how little the original English colonies that would become the United States resembles the Mother Country of England by the end of the 1600s”
Did prejudice cause discrimination in America, or vice versa?

Today it is impossible to imagine what the world had been like if the future colonists would not have escaped Great Britain and fled to the continent known now as America. It could be expected that the colonies being complied of the former Brits would continue keeping the British traditions and customs. However, this was not so. In my short essay I would like to prove that the British colonies in America did not really resemble their mother country. Additionally, in this essay I will talk about the concepts of “discrimination” and “prejudice” in the American society. Continue reading

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Literary Analysis Research Paper

The following research paper with deal with the literary analysis of three great works by authors who lived and worked in completely different eras. The works that will be discussed are: Candide written by Voltaire, Common Sense written by Thomas Paine, and All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. To begin with I will analyze every of three works separately and then I compare and contrast the topics discussed by authors as well as the styles their works are written in.

Voltaire’s work is a response to 18th century historical events and philosophical trends. In his novel he ridicules at the noble classes, war and the Church. In fact, in many of his works tyranny, oppression and the hypocrisy of Church is the main target. Candide is a story about a young man, named Candide who is a lovely fellow with naïve and simple personality. At the beginning of the novel Candide is excluded from Baron’s castle because he is caught kissing Cunégonde. Cunégonde is a young and radiantly beautiful daughter of Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh. After the explosion from the castle he sets out for travels, though he is forced to join the Bulgarian army. Candide is not prepared for the brutalities of war, he has a very tender character, he has never seen viciousness and cruelty before. Some time after Candide flees to Holland, where he meets Jacques the Anabaptist, and finds the philosopher and his former teacher, Dr. Pangloss, who is then a beggar and is suffering from deathly diseases. There in Holland Candide is notified that his sweetheart Cunégonde had been raped and disembowelled by the Bulgarians. Continue reading

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Sweatshop Research Paper

The gradual opening of developing countries (most significantly in the Far East) to the west, aided by improvements in transport and communications, has dramatically expanded the global labor market. Large and small manufacturing companies from around the globe are now able to use the cheap labor available in those countries to produce much more efficiently than with workers from their home countries. As a result, the business concept of offshoring, which basically implies the allocation of some processes into other countries, is now a common term in business administration and a highly popular cost-reduction technique.

Unfortunately, this method underlies several major ethical dilemmas. Perhaps the most significant problem with offshoring concerns the working conditions of the manufacturing workers overseas. This paper will discuss the issue of the so-called sweatshops, an ethically questionable form of employment, which has already been criticized to be a modern form of slavery. Continue reading

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Aristotle Philosophy Essay

Aristotle was a great philosopher and teacher of his time. He is often called ‘the best-educated individual’ of all time. His observations and thoughts are being examined by many great people and serve as guidelines not only for philosophers, but also for educators. The issues, which were analyzed by Aristotle, seem to be applicable to the variety of situations and time periods. The following paper is going to examine, how Aristotle’s philosophy can be applied to the modern educational institutions.

Education/ Individual approach
Aristotle has given a great contribution to the subject of an education. He has spent most of his life teaching and sharing his thoughts and experiences with his students of all ages. His claims were somewhat different for the era, which he lived in, and have brought many changes to the people’s perception of life and human being. Continue reading

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Research Paper on Organizational Structure

Different organizational structures are designed in order to assist in organizing and controlling the flow of activities within the company for creating an environment, where all the employees work to achieve the same goals. There are many structures, which apply to organizations with different scopes of activities. Usually, organizational structure depends on the product, which is developed by the company. It identifies the relationship between departments within the company and the tasks each individual is responsible for.

Despite of the fact that there are certain criteria, according to which organizational structure can be identified; the process of applying a certain design for an organization is often based on the intuition of the top management. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages, and, for this reason, they are constantly being developed and improved.

The variety of designs is very wide in order to fit each organization’s needs. Managers can choose from a simple structure to a complex one. They can choose a structure, which will be project-oriented, function-oriented, or the mixture of the two. Continue reading

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Theories of Emotion Essay

There are many interpretations as to the origins of emotion. Scholars such as James (1884) and Lange (1887) independently formulated the notion that emotions are a result of a purely physical reaction to external stimuli. An opposite sequence of emotional reactions is offered by Cannon (1931) and Bard (1928). In their theory they claim that physical reactions such as sweating, increased heart rate, crying, etc. are a result of feelings such as fear or sadness, and not as proposed by James and Lange, a consequence of it.

Cambridge neuroscience professor Tim Dalgleish based his article “The Emotional Brain” (2004) on these and many other works. Beginning with Darwin’s theory of evolution, his piece represents a timeline of theories related to the way emotions and moods are embodied in the brain. The article provides an excellent overview of affective neuroscience, (the discipline concerned with exploring the neurological origin of emotion in the brain) its development, main discoveries and notions. Continue reading

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