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Berthe Morisot was a Parisian, and a painter who belonged to a group called the Impressionists. Her first exhibit was brought in 1864 in a saloon that was highly esteemed and located in Paris. She was allowed to bring her works to another six exhibitions in Salons found in Paris before joining the impressionists, a group that had been rejected in Paris. Berthe got married to Eugene Manet who was her colleague and brother to her friend. During her first appearance in 1864 at the Salon de Paris, at the tender age of twenty-three, Berthe brought two landscape paintings that demonstrated an attachment to the impressionist’s works of art. In this case, her pictures portrayed or used brilliant colours, fleeting sensory views and emotional effects on the surfaces.

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Owing to these characteristics, many of her critic’s works suggested that her paintings were fundamentally feminine, possessed the minor intellectual capability and portrayed the weaker temperaments women possessed. These views mainly arose since males previously used her style. During a visit to the Museum of Arts located in Houston on Thursday last week, Berthe Morisot’s Basket Chair (Young Girls in a Garden) 1885, a two-dimensional painting hanging in Room 222 was watched and much admired. Hence, this essay describes the attitudes and postures of the two-dimensional picture observed at the Museum of Arts in Houston.

Observing the two-dimensional painting by Berthe Morisot reveals that its artist intended to portray images that created a relaxed and natural feeling among the viewers of her works. The comfortable atmosphere in the painting is brought out the picture of a young girl at the painting’s forefront and leaning on a fence. More so, the natural feeling depicted by the Morisot’s art comes from the physical items that can be seen in the painting Basket Chair (Young Girls in a Garden) 1885. In this regard, the natural feeling in Morisot’s painting is evidenced by the presence of a watering can, plants, trees and flowers growing on the painting’s background that is placed inside an area appearing like a park. Thus, it can also be argued that the relaxed feeling the picture depicts is represented by the presence of the enclosure containing beautiful plants, flowers seen at its background. Further, it is evident that the relaxed feeling portrayed by Morisot is depicted by the cot seen at the painting’s forefront and used by children for sleeping. Consequently, the girls seen in the art are emotional and can be seen to be lonely with no companion to comfort them.

The painting by Morisot does not have a focal point. The art depicted by Morisot has used various shades of colour to portray the bright or illuminated areas and those that are dark or situated in concealed areas. Hence, the colours used in the painting have a balanced composition and equally use shaded and bright colours for representing tone and the different colours or costumes worn by the girl. These techniques assist in expressing the feelings or ideas the artist possesses in various ways. Firstly, the tones used in portraying the background of the painting that contains flowers, a seat in the park and multiple plants or trees demonstrates the painters need for recreation and enjoying her freedom. The girl at the painting’s front also expresses the lonely feelings the painter possessed as she watches the distance with a hopeful look. The garden portrayed at the painting’s background contains bright and dark colour shades to assist in showing the viewer the direction that light emanates. In this regard, it is evident that light shines from the eastern part of the picture and falls on the area to the left-hand side of the painting. The garden portrayed in the image contains a coarse texture that is used for depicting the surface of the basket covering the park and other elements found therein. It is the rough texture depicted in the picture that ensures the basket and chair in the image are separated and clear to the viewers. The term used to describe the surface in the painting’s background is coarse, and the specific colours used in the art are grey, white, brown, white, black and various shades of green. The white is used to represent the girl’s face, grey is used to describe the water can, and brown is used at the painting’s forefront. Lastly, shades of grey are used to depict the background and the regions that are slightly receiving light in the context.

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Morisot, Berthe. “Basket Chair (Young Girls in a Garden) 1885”. Museum of Arts, Houston.
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